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Why Dead Space is so F-ing Scary

Major spoilers for the Dead Space series. If you didn’t watch/play, what are you doing here?isaacclarke copy

This post is dedicated to all of the people out there who don’t exactly get what’s so freaky about Dead Space. You brilliant bastards are above such trifling things as jump scares – and frankly, you just don’t get why anyone else would find a game like this frightening. Well, when I was eleven I spent two months unable to go near a sink after watching fifteen minutes It. I’m a chicken.

And even a seasoned horror junkie might quake in his boots when he plays Dead Space. But somewhere out there, there are these mythical creatures – these purported humans – who endure that game and go: I don’t get it. Was that supposed to scare me? Roughly 76% of these people are lying through their teeth, but that remaining 24%* really doesn’t get it.

To that twenty-four percent: this is how Dead Space scares the shit out of people, and this is why you might have terrible survival instincts.

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