The Half Life 2 Project, Ch 5: Black Mesa East


HL2 - Fightingoverme copy

Judith puts me through a decontamination process and begins to use aggressive tactical attacks against me: grating and self-aggrandizing monologues about ‘research’ and ‘science.’ By God, Judith, I am a physicist – I have no time for this rabble! I need to shoot things so they go boom!


At first, I assumed the dust up between Judith and Alyx was about me.

HL2 - Fightingoverme copy

But since Judith’s got the hots for Eli, it’s actually some sort of Oedipal competition.

Eli, what are you looking at?

Eli, what are you looking at?

I’m not going to think about it.

Once the sparring match has subsided we get THE COOLEST WEAPON EVER a scientific marvel.

HL2 - gravitygun copy

On our way to try this puppy out we get some helpful information:


I can’t with this game. I CAN’T.

Excuse me while I quietly cry in the corner.

Once I’ve depleted the Kleenexes we fiddle around with the gravity gun’s awesomeness with the help of Dog, who is almost as cute as his furry namesake.


Ok, ok. Cuter. Way cuter. So cute…

Then the Combine ruin everything.

This brings us another You’re Totally Fucked Moment © which, despite my full awareness this time, I still try to avoid.


Dog abandons me too.

I am alone and Ravenholm awaits.

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