The Half-Life 2 Project: Chronicling An Attempt To Make It Through This Game With My Sanity Intact


combine copy

Half-Life 2

Ch 1: Point Insertion & Ch 2: A Red Letter Day

Ch 3: Route Kanal & Ch 4: Water Hazard

Ch 5: Black Mesa East

Ch 6: We Don’t Go To Ravenholm

Ch 7: Highway 17 & Ch 8: Sandtraps

Ch 9: Nova Prospekt & Ch 9a: Entanglement

Ch 10: Anticitizen One & Ch 11: Follow Freeman!

Ch 12: Our Benefactors & Ch 13: Dark Energy

So I have a confession to make: Half-Life 2 is one of my favorite games ever, but I’ve never played through it.

Say what? you say. Come again?

I have done boat-driving assists and Combine clean-outs but I have never played through the entire game by myself.

I was first introduced to HL2 at the ripe age of eleven, being entirely too nosy about what my dad played late in the night and having way too much interest in science fiction. I would stand (or sit) by his side, advising as only annoying eleven year olds can and generally peering through the gaps between my sweaty fingers.

It was awesome.

I never played the game because it was always more interesting to watch – to spot the pro-Rebel graffiti on the walls, the abandoned dolls, the dilapidated ruins of a world not too different than my own. By merely observing I could ignore the action and dissect the rich, potent world Valve gave to us.

It also freed up my hands for the ever-useful ‘plug ears, shield face’ maneuver.

So when the game came up on discount I thought: Sure, I’m older, more mature, with better hand-eye coordination than back then. I only mildly panic at the sight of crabs now.

It is a chance, I perceived, a chance to prove to myself that I can endure the zombies and maybe learn how to operate that damn motorboat without driving into walls.

It is a chance to prove I can play those survival horror games I love so well and not completely fall apart.


I’m fucking terrified.


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One thought on “The Half-Life 2 Project: Chronicling An Attempt To Make It Through This Game With My Sanity Intact

  1. I haven’t beaten any of the Half Life games as I am terrible at FP shooters. I loved the original Half Life, as it boasted a story that titles like Doom lacked, but the jumping segments eventually got to me.

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