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The Half Life 2 Project, Ch 5: Black Mesa East


HL2 - Fightingoverme copy

Judith puts me through a decontamination process and begins to use aggressive tactical attacks against me: grating and self-aggrandizing monologues about ‘research’ and ‘science.’ By God, Judith, I am a physicist – I have no time for this rabble! I need to shoot things so they go boom!


At first, I assumed the dust up between Judith and Alyx was about me.

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The Half Life 2 Project, Ch 3: Route Kanal and Ch 4: Water Hazard

HL2 - Antlionfarmer copy

Happy almost Halloween, everyone! May your nights be full of good scary and not bad scary.

HL2goodandbadscary copy

I sincerely apologize if I just gave anyone nightmares. I’ll be entering my own horror show soon, but I’ve got these two chapters plus one sweet, character-driven chapter before that.

In the meantime, here… we… go!

This week in HL2 I save two civilians by applying a crowbar to a couple of CPs’ faces and get a gun.

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The Half-Life 2 Project, Ch 1: Point Insertion and Ch 2: A Red Letter Day

Scuz me\\The chapter that starts it all. Chapter One is basically an extended controls tutorial, which is pretty handy for someone with two left thumbs. (Harr, harr.)

Still, there’s meat here: we get Dr. Breen on the terminal screens, trying to convince us of the benefits of our ‘Benefactors,’ including no longer needing or wanting to have sex. He makes alien overlords sound so appealing.

Our fellow survivors paint an even grimmer view. We get our first hint that things have gone awry in the intermittent years when we speak with a woman at the gate.

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The Half-Life 2 Project: Chronicling An Attempt To Make It Through This Game With My Sanity Intact


combine copy

Half-Life 2

Ch 1: Point Insertion & Ch 2: A Red Letter Day

Ch 3: Route Kanal & Ch 4: Water Hazard

Ch 5: Black Mesa East

Ch 6: We Don’t Go To Ravenholm

Ch 7: Highway 17 & Ch 8: Sandtraps

Ch 9: Nova Prospekt & Ch 9a: Entanglement

Ch 10: Anticitizen One & Ch 11: Follow Freeman!

Ch 12: Our Benefactors & Ch 13: Dark Energy

So I have a confession to make: Half-Life 2 is one of my favorite games ever, but I’ve never played through it.

Say what? you say. Come again?

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