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Luke, I Probably Am Your Father: Booker and Elizabeth (Doppleganger Series.)

Major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite and Burial at Sea: Episode 1. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ!bookliz3

Hi all! I hope everyone is blazing away at BaS: Episode 2. I’ll definitely blog about it in the upcoming weeks, but in celebration of more Elizabeth (and apparently Booker), here’s a Doppleganger post about their relationship:

One of the most interesting aspects of Infinite is the Booker-Elizabeth relationship. They (and we) start off with no idea about their relationship, and then we all get walloped over the head with it in the end.

I’m not going to lie: I pegged Booker as her father pretty early on. (And then I got blindsided by the Bookerstock revelation.) I had vaguely remembered being spoilered about it, and then the “AD” on his hand fit the names “Anna” and “DeWitt” together pretty nicely and I figured it out. Besides, there was definitely a Last of Us Joel-Ellie vibe between the two by the time we broke into dear old Lady Comstock’s tomb.

But there’s definitely more to it than the “Luke! I am your Father!” element. Booker and Elizabeth go on concurrent, opposite character arcs.

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The Evil Twin or The Prophetically Evil Twin? Comooker or Bookstalk (Doppleganger Series)

Major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ!bookstock copy

Another clear double in the Infinite universe is the Booker-Comstock dual: two men, the same man who made a different choice.

What’s interesting about these two is how unalike they are, in comparison to the Luteces. They both are, to a certain extent, evil: Comstock has the racist, religious zealotry with a dash of hypocritical violence in his corner, while Booker has the gave-up-my-infant-daughter-for-money and the repenting-racist-who-still-shoves-skyhooks-into-people’s-faces evil in his corner.

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Booker DeWitt is Not a Hero: Why Bioshock Infinite is So Violent

Major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ! booker copy

I’ve read a lot of controversy about the excessive violence in Bioshock Infinite – how it doesn’t make sense in the scope of what the game is about. It’s interesting, because I actually have the opposite opinion.

So first let’s get this out of the way: Bioshock Infinite is a violent game because it’s a first person shooter and that’s what people have come to expect. Half-Life 2, Metro 2033, Deadspace – even the first two Bioshocks, these games all have a certain level of violence in them, some give plot reasons for it, others do not.

But people have a gripe more with the level of violence in Infinite than the presence of it. To illustrate:

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About that Trailer… Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Episode 2 (Speculation)

Major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite and its DLC, Burial at Sea. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ!


I know, I know, I blog about Infinite constantly, but did you see that trailer?

If you’ve been living under a rock for a month, go see it NOW.

Okay, now you’re back, confused? Me too. Where the hell did Booker come from – and how did he get to Rapture?


1) Booker has become “unstuck” like the Luteces and Elizabeth. Probably the most straightforward theory, but a little strange. I’ll admit, I didn’t think of it first, maybe because Booker doesn’t strike me as the omnipotent helper type. The remote stoicism was weirding me out.

That said, it’s entirely possible. Something about Booker’s death unstuck him from time. My hunch would be the fact that he was drowned before he became Comstock or remained Booker, but retained his memories of being Booker post-choice. The Elizabeths created a paradox where in order to drown Booker and erase Comstock they needed post-choice Booker but if they drown post-choice Booker to destroy the chance of Comstock they also destroy any chance of post-choice Booker which means that there is no Booker to drown. Time paradox! So maybe Booker exists on some omnipotent, time-traveling level with the Luteces.

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I Am You And You Are Me: The Luteces (Doppleganger Series)

Major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ!

lutece2 copy

So let’s start off with the most obvious doubling in Infinite: the Luteces. They are our first and most blatant example of alternate versions of the same person, even though Rosalind likes to call Robert her ‘brother.’

The Luteces also act as the most obvious twin archetype in Infinite. They have Twin Telepathy and Coordinated Clothes; they are Creepy Twins and to a certain extent the Single-Minded Twins.

Robert: “Odd, isn’t it?”

Rosalind: “What’s odd?”

Robert: “The fact that we sometimes–”

Rosalind: “–finish each other’s sentences?”

Robert: “Exactly.”

Rosalind: “It would be odder if we didn’t.”

They are the Siamese twins in Lady and the Tramp, Desna and Eska from Legend of Korra, those creepy sisters from The Shining, the Weasley twins from Harry Potter, and childhood Jaime and Cersei from Game of Thrones.

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Dopplegangers and Doubling in Bioshock Infinite: Where the Hell Did That Beard Come From?

luteces copy

There is a system of doubles in Bioshock Infinite. Heads or tails, alive or dead, Comstock or Booker, Robert or Rosalind. As the Luteces like/liked/will like to say: “The same coin, a different perspective.”

I’m going to post a series of blog posts talking about the various dopplegangers in Infinite. From the obvious, ye old Comstock and Mister DeWitt, to the not-so obvious. Daisy versus Elizabeth? We’ll see! Expect posts to be interspersed with other games. Maybe I’ll look into the first Bioshock characters too…. hm.

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Ballbuster Elizabeth: Why Burial at Sea makes sense

Major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite and its DLC, Burial at Sea. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ! Disclaimer: I am basing this off what is in the game/DLC – nothing more. If the Infinite developers have come forth with more concrete information, please let me know in the comments!

elizabeth copy

Burial at Sea’s Elizabeth is a stone-cold fox. There has been some criticism that this doesn’t seem quite like her – the detached, frosty woman we meet in BaS is different than the warm-hearted teenager of Infinite – but I never thought that BaS Elizabeth was out of character. In fact, I would argue it’s the most in-character thing for her to do.

My evidence/reasoning:

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I Shot the Sheriff, But I Didn’t Shoot the Clicker: Military in The Last of Us

clicker copy

Major spoilers for The Last of US. Didn’t watch/play? DON’T READ!

Discussion of spoilers in World War Z, Half-Life and Half-Life 2, but I’ll warn you beforehand.

Hi all, I’m working on a piece about the DLC now, but in the meantime, I thought this would set up most future blog posts about The Last of Us/it’s DLC. No worries if you haven’t seen the DLC yet, there is no information in here that isn’t told to you in the main game.

One of the things I noticed in my re-watch of The Last of Us is how quick TPTB/military turns against its citizens. The catalyst for the entire game is the death of Joel’s daughter. She isn’t killed by an Infected or by accident, she doesn’t even get popped off at the hands of some trigger-happy survivor – she is shot by a soldier.

That struck me as pretty… intentional. It’s the first days of the outbreak, before the government even really has time to get its shit together and suddenly they are ordering this man to kill a little girl and her father.

So I started looking at military presence in the rest of the game, which led me to look at every other large organization.

Now it’s a common theme in post-apocalyptic fiction that TPTB cannot/will not save you. In fact, one of the most common antagonists in post-apocalyptic fiction is the government. Continue reading

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